Our Vision

Innovative Concepts

  • Versatile products developed for Nature lovers and fishing aficionados,
  • That result from single-structure construction processes using laminated wood and engineered wood,
  • Compact, practical, multipurpose, environment-friendly, a true testimony to our constant concern for, and respect of, the environment, 
  • Designed and created by connoisseurs of timber construction, themselves fishing enthusiasts and nature lover.

New Category of Products

  • Fishing boat, aquatic RV, portable micro-cottage, luxury pleasure pontoon, adaptable and inexpensive holiday resort, 
  • For comfortable fishing or family outings, overnight stays or vacations on water,
  • Delivering convenience, functionality, versatility, flexibility, mobility, reliability, autonomy, comfort, and safety.

Environment-Friendly Products

  • Built in white cedar from eco-responsibly logged forests, lightweight, resistant, recyclable, CO2 sequestering renewable resource, 
  • Lightweight architecture for a reduced carbon footprint both on the road, and on water,
  • Easily towed with a mid-size pickup truck,
  • Coal filtration of gray water for greater environmental responsibility,
  • Solar energy panels and battery, safer and low power consuming LED lighting

Our Approach