Our Approach

Custom Manufacturing

  • We craft and manufacture products to each customer's specifications from a wide range of available options, 
  • To meet specific needs within unique niches, we regularly develop new products, announce new options and extend the range of our existing products with new models and versions, 
  • Each product we build is unique, and is crafted to meet specific customer expectations.

Standard Equipment

  • Luxurious cabin with large glass surfaces for a better contact with the outside;
  • Bathroom with sink and shower, dining area with table and benches that unfold into a bed;
  • Kitchenette with refrigerator, propane stove, sink with hot and cold water, cupboards, drawers, storage; 
  • Front deck with swivel seats or bench seats, dashboard and instrument panel, sonar.


  • Many options can be added to the standard equipment to customize each product sold according to the individual customer’s tastes and desires. 
  • You wish you had ordered your product with certain options you miss? To improve your experience on water, we can install many of the available options at a later date, at your convenience.


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